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“There’s a reason why Willamena are still making great music for well over 20 years; they’re fantastic songwriters, true artists and skilled entertainers who deserve your attention.”

“When you hear pure talent and hit songs, it’s easy to listen again and say great things.  Please take the time to listen to Willamena.  These guys are providing us with great new music and keeping the art of songwriting alive.”—broken-songs?

“Imagine if you will, the end of a long season and thinking back on what has been quite the adventure, you play this album…and turn it up and just sit back and think, enjoy, and find a message that speaks to you on a deeper level!”

“Willamena has quite a unique sound, and it’s so refreshing to hear a song that is so exuberant and confident.”

Broken SongsA Compilation…is a strong return for the band”