Radio Updates for Willamena’s “Broken Songs” including radio playlist adds, support, spins and related information:

Willamena’s newest single “The Same Way” was released in January 2022 and is being promoted by Jeff Appleton at Marathon Entertainment.cim. As of 2/5/2022 “The Same Way” has been added by Triple A stations KROK (Leesville, LA), WVMP (Roanoke, VA), WBZS, WGFR (Adirondack, NY), WYSO, WBSD will add a Willamena single 2/14/2022 (Burlington, WI), The Portland Radio Project and Birch Street radio. The single also was spun on WUKY (Lexington, KY), Laurel Canyon Radio, WETS (Johnson City, TN), WHAY (Whitley City, KY) and WVTF (Roots Down, WVTF). Not a bad start at all.

Willamena has an extensive history of Triple A radio success with seven Friday Morning Quarterback nationally-charting singles including 2013s “The Things That I Forgot” from Willamena 2013 full length album “Lost in the Shadows” followed by “Falling Through the Sky” and then “Broken Heart” in 2014. By 2015 Willamena released a new EP titled “The Light Ahead” and Willamena broke the top 90 on Triple A national radio charts with their release “The Other Side of Loneliness” and then “If This is Love” (the follow up single) also charted. Willamena also released one of our most popular singles “Way Back When” which didn’t chart BUT it has been played on Youtube a great deal and the song is Willamena’s most popular song on Shazam. By 2017 Willamena released another successful EP “Strong Enough to Last” which featured the lead single “When You Close Your Eyes” which charted as well. Last, Willamena’s “Open Up the Stars” also charted in Triple A radio as well. Willamena has also been added often on the internationally-syndicated radio show Undercurrents and multiple singles have been added on Stingray’s Adult Alternative station too.