Band Bio

On July 19th, 2021, Willamena released “Broken Songs” which is the band’s first full length album since “Lost in the Shadows” broke out with three nationally charting Triple A radio singles in 2013. “Broken Songs” is the follow up release to the critically-acclaimed 2017 “Strong Enough to Last”  EP which earned more charting Triple A radio success and additional national attention including write ups in Paste and other national music outlets.  “I Know Nothing” was Willamena’s first single from “Broken Songs” and it was added to radio stations across the country and featured in write ups from Skope Mag and other national outlets (see press clips below).  Willamena released “The Same Way” as the second single from “Broken Songs” in January 2022 and the newest single is grabbing national attention and adds across the country as well including early adds spins on Triple A radio stations like KROK, WVMP, WGSR, WYSO, Birch Street Radio and others.

“Broken Songs” is Willamena’s seventh studio album with four full length albums and three EPs to their credit.  Over the last eight years seven Willamena singles charted nationally (FMQB AAA radio), including breaking the top 90, highlighting Willamena’s award-winning live show and critically acclaimed songs and song writing.

Willamena is lead vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player Lucas/Luke Ross and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Chad Hendrickson.  Luke and Chad are the songwriters for Willamena.  Over the years Willamena grew into a collective of musicians and engineers who support the Willamena by adding their style/talents to the songs as Willamena records in the Nashville, TN area/Kalamazoo, MI and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas.

Willamena partnered with Dr. Gene Foley at Foley Entertainment and Jeff Appleton at Marathon Entertainment to promote “Broken Songs” to print and Triple A radio everywhere.  “Broken Songs” is a reflection on Willamena’s unique folk/pop/rock brand including new studio material combined with live tracks and some lost Willamena studio tracks.  See what the critics say about Willamena and the new Willamena release “Broken Songs” below:

“References abound, but the sprawling epic works of Fleet Foxes come to mind, alongside anthemic greats like Bruce Springsteen and U2. By bringing all of this together (Willamena) creates a sound that touches the very heart of the matter…”

“There’s a reason why Willamena are still making great music for well over 20 years; they’re fantastic songwriters, true artists and skilled entertainers who deserve your attention.”

“When you hear pure talent and hit songs, it’s easy to listen again and say great things.  Please take the time to listen to Willamena.  These guys are providing us with great new music and keeping the art of songwriting alive.”—broken-songs?

“Imagine if you will, the end of a long season and thinking back on what has been quite the adventure, you play this album…and turn it up and just sit back and think, enjoy, and find a message that speaks to you on a deeper level!”

“Willamena has quite a unique sound, and it’s so refreshing to hear a song that is so exuberant and confident.”

Broken SongsA Compilation…is a strong return for the band”

Uplifting and Inspiring, this track is timely for a world that seems more focused on scandals and negativity, and a much needed respite from the darkness being thrown at us every day. But it’s not just the lyrics that make this track so special; “When You Close Your Eyes” is both refreshingly new but comfortably reminiscent of the best of 80s and 90s college rock. – Paste Magazine

consistent high quality indie rock sound”

the lyrics were incredible and definitely relatable and inspirational”

“…one amazing, game-changing album…This album needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

“Equal parts 90s college rock and modern Indie…Strong Enough to Last, brings a fresh, uplifting tone at exactly the right moment.”

Strong Enough To Last showcases why the veteran rockers have been making waves on alternative, adult alternative, and indie rock radio charts for years”